Have you ever walked around on a Japanese bridge before? Look forget it, the feeling is just you special to be real. Have you tried basking under the shades available on those beautiful cherry trees? Have you tried enjoying some green teas which would seem close to a lake that looks filled with ornaments? There are a lot of Zen Gardens you can visit in the United States. Let me talk about some of these.

List of Zen Gardens in the U.S. to Visit 

Japanese Portland Garden at Oregon

One of the previous Japan Ambassadors has described this to be one of the authentic and most beautiful gardens of Japanese outside the beautiful country of Japan. It has an oasis that is stunning and this overlooks the city of Portland. This was created and designed in the year 1963. It has about five different styles of gardens. They are designed to express how beautiful nature is, tranquility and serenity. You can put yourself fully into some beautiful Japanese culture. This shows lots of demonstrations culturally. You get to take long walks through the beautiful Strol Pond Garden.

San Francisco’s Tea Japanese Garden

This Tea Japanese Garden located in San Francisco is a place that has a merge of Japanese and American history. It can be found in between the Golden Gate Park. You can enjoy some mochi and green tea. You could take a stroll on the ornamental Bridge here. This is one of the Japanese gardens that are very old available in San Francisco. It was created originally for a Japanese Village in the year 1894. This showed the gardening skills of people from Japan. At the end of the fair, this garden was kept open thankfully. This let Americans marvel and enjoy all the pagodas made by them to merge with Japanese plants which have been growing there for a hundred years now.

Washington Japanese Seattle Garden

You can go gently and enjoy what this lovely green gem has in the heart of Seattle. It’s paths and pretty benches are winding. They both encourage a calm sense and a sense of mindfulness too. One of these Japanese gardens that are known is this garden that’s in the United States. These are popping with accouterments that you’ll like to see in the gardens available in places like Japan. We’ve got some great lakes and the season there always seems to change.

At one point it could seem like the seasons in this Japanese Zen Garden in the United States seems to change at every point in time.

As I feel so horrible right now, taking a stroll in one of these gardens would do me well. Going to these gardens with my dear. Just talking about life, peace, love, happiness, a stress-free life. A life in the presence of all we want and the absence of all we do not want. Now that is going to be peace of mind.