Zen Breathing is an age-old breathing technique that will help you relieve your emotional brain, think more clearly, and get back control of your life. This breathing technique has transformed the lives of hundreds of people. There are drugs that help to battle panic attacks, anxiety, stress and so on but sometimes it takes thirty minutes or longer to start it’s effect. Thirty minutes is a lengthy time if you are in agony from anxiety or panic attacks, fearing that you can’t breathe, that you are going crazy or that you are even  about to die from a heart attack! 

Oftentimes drugs do work but for many people the opposite is true. nothing really changes and in some cases the symptoms get worse. 

Zen Breathing techniques for anxiety

Some people resort to activities like practising yoga, meditation and deep breathing techniques. The Zen Breathing technique might not address the underlying causes of your anxiety, anger, or panic but it will help you to lower your anxiety as it occurs in the present. The shaking will end, your heart rate will decompress, and your thoughts will stop racing as the mind-body system returns to a state of composure. When understood, this obsolete breathing technique will help you to quickly calm down in a minute or so wherever you are.

The Zen Master and Vipassana meditation.

Zen is an age long buddha tradition. It is done through a method called Vipassana meditation. This form of meditation is the bedrock of the seven days in a week. It involves sitting in silence and focusing on breathing. The ability to focus improves with time. The Zen Breathing is different to many breathing techniques in that Zen lays emphasis on longer out breath. Other breathing techniques instruct equal breathing such as breathe in for 4, hold your breath for 4, and also breathe out for 4. Zen breathing gives you inner calm, a still mind, present in reality and alive in every moment as it unfolds. The Zen breathing is similar to the 7/11 breathing technique. You breathe in and mentally count to 7 and out to 11. The out breath is longer just like the Zen.

The benefits of the Zen Breathing techniques are numerous: better sleep, calmer body and mind, clear thinking, focused concentration, to name but a few.

Another benefit of the Zen breathing technique is that it will calm the mind and body but it also helps to regain one’s true identity free.

Zen Breathing technique also de-hypnotizes you from emotional daze. It gets rid of your panic or anxious mode and reconnects you to the world and your surroundings. And once free, you literally create spare brain capacity so that you can perform much more excellently and confidently in all strides of life.