I would talk about where Zen Buddhism originated from. That would be it. 

Origins of Zen Buddhism

Zen Buddhism refers to a merge between Taoism, Buddhism, and Indian Mahayana Buddhism. It started in China, and then it spread and reached places like Japan, Korea, and it became quite popular in the western part of the world in the twentieth century. 

What is the essence of Zen? 

Well, the importance of Zen comes from trying to understand the essence of life speaking directly. No need to be misled by thoughts or languages that are logical. 

These techniques of Zen are truly compatible with a lot of faiths like those which are usually used. Like Christians trying to understand mystical meanings towards their religion. 

For Zen, it is a little bit paradoxical. It needs severe levels of discipline. When you practice this correctly, it will end up resulting in ultimate freedom and spontaneity. These are natural ways in which you would get spontaneous that would be completely and utterly different from being impulsive. 

The Word is Zen 

These are the way the words Ch’an is pronounced in Japan and the way Chinese pronounce Dhyana. These mean less or more meditation.

Zen refers to difficulty and an essence. Like the way, we have Humphreys for Christmas. This is one of the leading pioneers from Buddhism history from Britain. They wrote that Zen had been a topic that has been very simple not to understand correctly. 

Basic Understanding of What Zen is 

Zen refers to the way a person lives their life. The things that someone does. It isn’t something one can use English to explain fully. But I can give it a shot. You need to experience Zen before you can understand it fully. 

There’s a lot of Enlightenment Inside Zen.

In case you do not know after experiencing Zen. Trust me, you’ll feel like a completely different person. You would feel lighter; you’ll feel like a feather. Zen Buddhism’s essence is to show you that everything human and us all is various forms of Buddha. All we need to do is find this truth on our own. 

Everything created and provided to us by nature is automatically Buddha. Just like calling ice something else other than water. Without water, we wouldn’t get any ice. Apart from people, we wouldn’t get Buddhas.


So there we have it. Now you know where Zen Buddhism comes from, you have a little understanding of how it feels like when you have achieved a high sense of Zen. You know for sure you can’t grasp the feeling without fully experiencing it. Heck, I want to experience Zen. But that can’t be right now. I need a place. I need mood. I need silence. Not with all of these devices and external noise all around following one everywhere. Like! To be one with Zen means to free yourself from everything and anything that has to do with the world’s concerns.

Here’s to hoping we would get there.

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