I am going to be so straightforward about this piece. The teachings founded by the Buddha in English, also known as Buddhism, could be asked by many people. Who is Buddha, and what does it symbolize. 

What does Buddha symbolize?

Buddha refers to someone that has reached a too high point of wisdom. This is also known as Bodhi. This is a state of ethical perfection and being quite intellectual. The only way man can get to this point is only by human means. Buddha refers to someone that enlightened. Someone that knows. Buddhists believe that a specific Buddha is only born in an eon of the period. The present Buddha, known as Sage Gotama, has gotten enlightenment from the Bo tree in India. He is the 7th after succeeding the last previous six. 

When these Buddhists settle and get a Buddha sent to them by the gods, we feel that person remains the presiding Buddha till he either dies and another Buddha is sent again to all the Buddhists for this practice to carry on. 

Every religion has how they practice it. And this is their way. They don’t want any judgment or anything. All they desire is peace of mind, meditation, steady and safe type of life. That’s it. Worldly things don’t make bug Buddhists at all.

Who is Sage Gotama?

Sage Gotama was born as an Indian King’s son. At the Nepal modern border six hundred and twenty-three years BC. These wise men of this kingdom saw that he would either become a Buddha or an emperor. His father truly wanted him to be an emperor. This is why he secluded him from everything that was not pleasant. These were necessary so be wouldn’t gain wisdom and not become wise. But the gods knew that be must arise and become the Buddha. So they came to earth in several different forms for Gotama to see them. Using three days on his way to the royal park, he saw a corpse, a sick man, and an older man. He learned that day that all men must live, suffer, and then die. On the fourth day, he met a monk. Then he understood that for one to forget about this life’s sorrow, one has to give off everything and all the pleasures this life has to offer. In his 29th year, he didn’t want the kingdom, and he became an ascetic.

That is what it means to be a Buddha. That’s what Buddha symbolizes. Like for other Buddhists who practice the religion. They aim to be wise, to not live by the rules of the world. To survive and let time pass for whatever must happen must happen. These people are not violent. They are not religious fanatics. They want to live in peace and enjoy what little time they have to spend in this world because everything on this planet is vanity. Vanity upon Vanity. Nothing more.

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