To know the healing power of chanting let’s first take a look at what chanting is. Chanting can be defined as continuously resisting a certain word or phrase in a specific tone. These words or phrases that are continually repeated are called mantras. What are the benefits and healing power of chanting mantras?. The word mantra is gotten from two Sanskirt word manas and tras meaning mind and tool to form a tool form the mind.

Chanting has a long history of use in different cultures for both spiritual and medical benefits. Some big problem people today face in our modern society is depression and low morale. There are over 264 million people suffering from depression globally. Depression is one of the leading causes of suicide around the world. Every year over 800 thousand people commit suicide globally. Depression is also one of the major causes of disabilities and sickness worldwide.

Scientists are constantly trying to reduce this number of deaths and sicknesses. One way that has been found very useful in curing depression is the use of chantings and mantras. What is the science behind chanting and how does it help?.

What is the science behind mantras?

A scientist who studied the effects of chanting mantras says that it causes a Neuro-linguistic effect. Neurolinguistics is the study of the mechanism located in the human brain that controls the comprehension, acquisition, and production of language. Neuro-linguistics is drawn from theories of different scientific fields such as Neuroscience, Linguistics, Neuropsychology, Cognitive science, and Communication disorder. A Neuro-linguists study’s the brain and neuro mechanism that processes language, using computer modeling, brain imaging, and electrophysiology.

Neuro- Linguists determined that chanting helps to calm the mind and relieve it from the background noise that prevents someone from focusing. The study of the part of the brain called the default mode network by Neuroscientist brought about some interesting discoveries. The default mode network is the part of the brain that activates when the mind is wandering or when someone is trying to reflect on something. An overactive default mode network is interpreted as the mind not being focussed or distracted.

The Neurologist found out that after a test subject is done chanting mantras the activity causes a suppression of the default mode network. This resulted in a more focused and calm mind. Scientist s also found out that chanting of any phrase our word would give you a focused result. A test was carried out with a subject continually chanting the number one. The default mode network of the individual was shut down and he achieved a state of extreme focus on the word.Today chants are used by therapists, phycologist, and yoga instructors to help their patient’s treatment. It has been proven that when chants are resited it helps increase the patient’s positivity, confidence, and productivity. Chants have also been used to help patients who are suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, and lower confidence, boosting a person’s morale. Check here for more information on the benefits of chanting