These days, everyone has a lot of different things bothering them mentally. In the search for Inner Peace and the fact that everyone is always on their phones, there are applications available that can help you find inner peace. They would help you get there. I know it’s a step-by-step process. This article would help hasten things up. Don’t worry, and don’t stress yourself. Things would get better sooner than expected. 

List of Meditation Apps for Inner Peace

Check CALM out

People that have made use of this application got it because of the bedtime stories available. Whenever you hear them, you would feel like a little kid. Getting such a wonderful story said to you by a calming voice. As the name implies. Some people use this app just for meditation, breathing exercises, and to find inner peace. It works well.


I know you might be it believes it. But Google has helped a lot of people find inner peace on levels you cannot imagine. I am an example. Let me tell you how Google had helped me when I was going through my breakup. I searched for “faster ways to stop being in love with someone” it provided viable answers and things I could try out, which later worked for me eventually. So you should check Google out. It tries its best. 

The Mindfulness App

You might have practiced meditation before, and you might be looking for exercises with specific guides for you to follow. Don’t look too far. Just check out the mindfulness app. This allows you to create custom sessions with flexible periods. These periods are from around three to thirty minutes. You could select sounds like bells that fit your needs specifically. There are premium subscription which unlocks complete courses on the development of your focus if there interests you. 


There are apps used for meditation which are extensions of physical studios available in the world. This comes from the LA-based Unplug Meditation Studio.

Unplug has more than seven hundred videos that teach people how to master meditation. You could customize your session depending on how you’re feeling at the moment. All the sessions are filmed in the studio. There are great options when it feels like your practice very well in the class with the instructor looking over your shoulder. The application shows your progress along be the way. It also aids in tracking the rate or how far you’ve gone since you became a member after signing up. 

My Thoughts On Meditation Apps for Inner Peace

I need these types of applications on my phone, honestly. I would settle down and do whatever they ask me to. Cause I’m in a lot of pain. I am tired. I am stressed. All mentally, please. Not physically. I believe that these applications work and if you are looking for Inner Peace, check out what the apps above have to offer.