Have you ever heard or come across the word, Intuition? Have you ever wondered what it means and is all about. This article talks all about Intuition and how we can trust it. We will be discussing the following:

  • What is Intuition?
  • Types of Intuition
  • Signs you might be Intuitive
  • How to trust your Intuition

What is Intuition?

Intuition is the ability to understand or be aware of something without even deep reasoning. It is a gap between consciousness and unconsciousness. An Intuitive person can sense what other people are feeling or thinking of.

Types of Intuition:

There are four main types of Intuition. These intuitions can also be referred to as Clair’s of intuition. There are:


This type of Intuition involves hearing things that other people do not hear. It is like a voice that talks to you in your head with a calm voice. It tells you a message either in direct words, poems, or even in music.


This comes through feelings. This is the most common of the four Clair’s. This is the ability to read the emotions or feelings of others. This happens by getting a particular feeling. This feeling sends a message about how the other person feels.


This involves seeing things that other people do not see. This person might likely see visions, colors, or images that have a message in them.


This is the ability to know something all of a sudden subconsciously without even knowing how you knew it.

Signs that you might be Intuitive:

  • Thoughts pop suddenly from nowhere
  • Picking on people’s emotions
  • Getting stalked by synchronicity
  • The feeling of special connection to nature
  • Receiving messages from all around
  • Being hunted down by psychics
  • Being very discerning
  • Having vivid dreams
  • Suffering from a chronic illness that couldn’t be cured
  • Prone to addiction.

How to trust your Intuition.

The best way to do this is by being calm, relaxed, and staying still. This is best achieved by having a routine for meditation. Regular deep meditation will help you to trust your Intuition more and understand better. This helps to clear your mind off distractions and helps you learn how to recognize and understand the message. It is advisable to create time daily for deep meditation. This would keep your mind in a calm state and would help you understand your Intuition.

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In this way, with proper meditation. You can definitely learn to trust your intuition


Intuition is a bridge between consciousness and unconsciousness. We can learn to understand our Intuition better and trust it. We can also know if we are Intuitive in whatsoever way. Meditation is the best way to learn how to trust our Intuition and using a yoga meditation balm stick can help to improve the mindset.