If you suffer from a chronic illness, don’t give up! Living with a chronic disease can be difficult. It affects your everyday life and relationships and can cause minor setbacks into significant catastrophes. In the beginning, it’s hard to predict how you will react to a chronic illness. Forging ahead in uncharted territory is scary and overwhelming. You don’t know what it will take to manage your condition. But it’s not only uncertainty that’s frightening; sometimes, you can’t do what you did before, and this loss of independence is scary and depressing. Nevertheless, many people worldwide live with chronic illnesses and do all they can to live an entire life. With proper treatment and high quality of life, you can still accomplish all of your goals, and you can live with dignity.

We want to share three ways to be less affected by a chronic illness and how you can keep living your life with dignity.

Rethink how you can care for yourself

Life can get stressful when you have chronic health issues. You don’t need to live in constant fear that something terrible will happen to limit your mobility or limit the care you can give your loved ones. Learn how to take care of yourself without becoming overwhelmed by worry and criticism. When you care for yourself with dignity and respect, others will want to help you. You will feel freer to do the things that matter most to you.

Develop new skills.

Dignity is not an illness nor a disability. It is a lifestyle. It is how you live with and without the support of others and the blessings that life presents.  Dignity means developing new skills, finding new ways to support yourself, and being self-reliant. Having a chronic illness isn’t easy. It takes hard work, perseverance, and dedication to live with dignity. But if you figure out how to live with dignity and even with a chronic illness, you will reap the rewards over time—whether you realize them or not.

Stay connected.

The best way to deal with chronic illness is to stay connected. Stay connected with family and friends so that you have someone to celebrate special holidays with and to cry on the days that you’re too tired to go out. Stay connected with doctors and experts in your field so that you know what’s normal and what needs to be supervised until things get better.


You can’t do what you want to do if you’re sick and tired of working. Something’s got to give. Even if it’s just a little bit of weight lifted off your shoulders, it can change your outlook on things dramatically. It can help you bounce back from challenges that seem impossible. It can give you the will to live, even if you’re living in a dark hole now. So when you’ve got a chronic illness, don’t let it throw you off your game. Work harder, brighter, and longer than ever before. This is your time to shine.