Valentine’s day is one of the love in the air spirit or the alone in my room type of holiday. And this may be very stressful and sad for you when you just went through a relationship that didn’t last and left you heartbroken. And the worst thing about it is that everywhere you go you will see relationships and couples with matching clothes and enjoying themselves making plans to enjoy themselves that day, you are at that corner still caring for your wounded heart and try not to look miserable but you are already looking like one that is already miserable but there are ways to get through this valentine’s day without making you feel sad or overthinking things.

1. Go on a self-care journey. 

It’s time to clean those patchy eyes and get off that sofa and treat yourself to a well relaxing journey of self-care. You can get a mani pedicure, a relaxing massage, the glooming of your hair, and your best salon. Do whatever makes you relaxed, caring, and stress-free that will make you easily connect to your body and yourself more focusing all the attention on yourself and no one else.

2. Get yourself a gift.

You may be putting in mind to get something for the room for a long time like that trashcan to dump all your ex stuff and the things they got for you. Not only that you can get a new wardrobe to start the new you and show yourself how wonderful you are. So get that dress and shoes, looking powerful in your aura. You can get yourself something that you like and want like bath salts or candles for a cool nice bubble bath by yourself.

3. Accept the fact that you are sad.

I’m not suggesting that you get to the depths of sadness and sorrow, but there are some advantages of looking at yourself in the mirrors and saying I’m not ok, it will rea6help you to feel better. Now after that you just have to look at valentine’s day and treat it like it’s just another ordinary day. Research shows that people who tend to show the fact that they are not ok with their breakup and open up their emotions for it especially the hurtful ones have faster healing that tends to pretend that everything is ok.

4. Gather some friends over.

If you don’t want to be alone that night you don’t really have to you can always call some of your friends that have nothing to do at home to come over and have a good time with you. Your ex may be gone but you still have such wonderful individuals in your life, who are ready to support you at any time. It can be very memorable and fun, you can have a movie night, karaoke night, an amusement park, an arcade, and so much more things to do. This will help to take your mind away from your ex and let you enjoy the moment.