Inner peace with God. The most important thing we came to find on planet earth so we can go to heaven in peace and nothing but peace. You know it is quite difficult to remain inspired whenever you feel anxious or stressed about life. Staying and remaining centered and searching for inner peace is not always a matter of praying or thinking of a life quote. 

I’ve had a lot of issues recently and I thank God for giving me the friends I have. About two weeks ago, my Uncle passed away and I cried so much I didn’t think I would stop crying. Because I was just tired. At some points of my wailing, I didn’t even get the reason we were living anymore. But thank God some of my friends came through for me and they told me God always has a better plan for us all. They told me not to worry but to simply live by his word. 

And that’s what I’ll be talking about today. 

The Bible always talks about inner peace whenever you feel like you can’t go on. The Bible talks about giving your worries and your cares to God and he would help you forever. 

Just take a look at these awesome spiritual quotes from the Bible. These would help you on your journey as you search for inner peace.

Ways to Find Inner Peace With our Heavenly Father 

Pursue and seek peace.

You need to keep your tongue away from evil and stop your lips from telling hurtful things. Leave the evil and do good. Pursue and seek peace.

— Psalm 34: 13–15​

You need to follow your faith.

Great peace follows people that love the things you do. Nothing could make these people stumble. — Psalm 119:165

Make sure you don’t allow your heart to remain troubled.

The Peace God leaves with you, he gives you his peace, don’t let the world stress you with its worries, don’t let your heart remain troubled or afraid. 

— John 14:27​

Make sure you live righteously.

You know justice dwells in the wilderness, there’s the righteous abiding in the fruitful field. There’s the effect of righteousness which would be peace. The result also of righteousness would be trust and quietness forever.

— Isaiah 32: 16-17​

My thoughts on finding inner peace with God 

The thing is. You don’t just walk and find inner peace with God. I’m not going to lie, it is not an easy task and it is the simplest thing to do. What I mean by it is not easy, you need to have a continuous relationship with God. Think of God as you think of yourself because he is you. He created you, he is your father. You have a relationship with him till the end of time. It’s like you not taking care of your body and thinking you could live very well. If you get an injury you’re going to feel pain, and that’s how it is with God. You need to make sure your relationship with him is built on Love, Trust, and Respect.