Do you have anger issues? Are you looking for a way to control your temper with no positive results? Anger can bring forth Negative results that will not only affect you but affect everyone around you. Everyone experiences anger because it is just like an electrical emotion. But we all have different ways to control our anger issues. Some control it easily, while others find it challenging to do so. Whatever the case may be to you, know that there are ways to calm down when you are angry.

Sometimes, being angry can be a healthy emotion to a certain degree, in the sense that we can be angry because of an issue involving injustice or politics, which would move us to act well. Nonetheless, anger can be a dangerous weapon that could affect us drastically when it gets out of control. Therefore we are going to look at different ways to calm down when angry.

Physical Symptoms of Anger

  • Heartbeat increases abnormally
  • Muscles swell up
  • Breathing rate increases

How To Calm Down When Angry

  • Try to calm down-:

The issue can arise at any time, so try to calm yourself if you notice the matter is heading to another dimension and you are boiling inside with anger. You can do so by letting your mind speak to you, not your head. Because what your head will tell you then is to fight and scatter the other person, but your mind will tell you otherwise. You can also count one To twenty before voicing anything out; by doing so, you will be able to reason before speaking harshly.

  • Repeat gentle phrases slowly-:

Repetition of gentle phrases always helps to calm down anger. Gentle phrases like ” calm down,” ” don’t speak back,” ” take it easy,” “cool off,” or any phrases that you know can cool you, try to repeat them slowly.

  • Walk Away-:

Walking away from boiling anger has proven to be helping right from time till today. It is not an easy process, but forcing yourself out of the situation is best. Therefore, take a time out, walk as far away as you can, do not look back or be tempted to retaliate, and while you walk away, avoid coming back quickly. You can decide to go for a run or to take a walk.

  • Calm yourself Through Visualization-:

When you visualize, it helps in calming down a situation. For instance, try to close your eyes and imagine yourself being in your dream world, how beautiful the scene is, and everything in being peaceful. Doing so will make you calm once again. It is an effortless can quick way to make yourself mentally stable without hurting anyone.

  • Splash Some Water on your face-:

Splashing off water to the gave makes you feel better. Try to focus on your breathing, that is, slowly consciously focusing on it because when you are angry, you tend to Breadth very fast. You have to breathe in slowly, and through your nose, then you breathe out through your mouth. While doing that, you can try to contact a mature friend or a family member.


  • Seek Help-:

It is best to meet up with a supportive friend or a family member who is likewise helpful in calm one’s anger because most times when we are angry, we become frustrated and can do anything we can. A close friend will give you a listening ear because that is all you need at such a crucial moment.


There is a lot of helpful advice that can help to soothe one’s anger. Hence if you find it your problem, you can otherwise practice the above suggestions and keep track of your progress. Listening to music when angry has proven to be helpful.