We live in a busy ever active world. Most of us might even have jobs that keep us active all day and stressed out. But you can also have a more peaceful mind despite leaving in a loud busy world. But how can this be achieved? These would be considered in the following sections

  • What is Zen?
  • How to become Zen.

What is Zen?

The word Zen literally means “thought”, “meditation” or “absorption”. It is a type of Buddhism that focuses on awareness by meditation. It is a state of being calm and attentive whereby one’s actions are influenced by Intuition.

Living a Zen life means living a more peaceful and cheerful life and letting go of one’s ego and mindfully living life each moment to increase serenity and serve others. It also means to understand and accept one’s self or operation from one’s true self.

The goal is to harmonize breathing, mind, and body thereby bringing clarity and inner peace to one’s true self. Becoming more Zen is beneficial to the body and brain.

How to become Zen

There are lots of ways to help one to become Zen and slow down in this loud busy world. But we shall be considering only six.

Early Rising:

Though it is especially difficult to wake up early as we have been comfortable with our former position of being asleep. Therefore, waking early can become a bit frustrating. If you begin the habit of rising early from bed, you would with time, get used to achieving more stuff for the day.

Take a break:

People who take regular breaks as they work are more effective or productive throughout the day. So when you feel weak, tired, or stressed out, take a break. Vacations are also helpful. Though not everyone can afford a regular vacation but instead spend your break doing things that calm the mind like taking a walk, eating, or even having a fun chat with someone.


Meditation gives you a lighter and more free lifestyle. Meditation is most effective in quiet and comfortable places. But meditation is also something that can be done anywhere, anytime, and by anyone. So set out few minutes to meditate daily.


Exercise is a unique way to reduce stress and tension because while you are more concentrated on your body, the mind would be free and clarified. You do not necessarily have to get in some vigorous exercise but doing easy exercises such as jogging, light yoga or even taking a walk or walking your dog or pet can help get a Zen life.

Do not crowd your day:

Create time for yourself. Pick out the most important things to be done for the day. Set them all up in order of priority and cancel any unnecessary appointment or meeting. By doing this, you would have more time for yourself.

Practice Mindfulness:

Mindfulness is one of the main ways of getting into a Zen lifestyle. This helps you to concentrate on a certain activity resulting in deep insight.


Living a Zen life helps to improve the health of the brain and body. It also helps one to slow down in this loud, busy world. Early Rising, taking breaks, meditating, exercising, not crowding the day, and practicing mindfulness are some of the basics steps leading to a Zen life.

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