When you live in the city it can be difficult to find ways to access nature or just feel as though you’re not residing in a bubble made from bricks. Concrete, steel, and bricks are very regular sights in the city. While they certainly have their appeal, it can be quite mentally taxing to constantly have to face the fast-paced motion of life that is very prevalent in large cities like Tokyo and New York. So, here are five ways you can be more in harmony with nature if you live in the city.

1. Circadian Rhythm

The circadian rhythm is a natural sleep and wake cycle. The circadian rhythm is one where sleep happens when the sun sets and you wake up as the sun rises. This is a natural, internal clock; however, this might not be possible for everyone. Perhaps you have to get up very early to catch the train or to get to work in time, but if you can, it is very beneficial to follow your circadian rhythm. A healthy circadian rhythm is one that is in sync with nature. If you’re looking to be in harmony with nature, then you should get on your circadian cycle and fix your circadian rhythm.

2. Visit Public Parks

Most large cities have a few large public parks that you can visit. For example, New York has Central Park and many other parks. These parks were constructed to ease the burden of city life, so you should take advantage of them if you can. Sometimes it helps to be physically around plants and nature. Visit large parks regularly, and if you can, walk or bike to them. This gives you time to enjoy the sun and nature in its fullness.

3. Have Plants in Your Home

Another way to be in harmony with nature is to have nature in your own home. Succulents are a great place to start if you’ve never taken care of a plant. Before getting a plant, make sure it is an indoor plant and make sure you can provide the amount of sunlight it needs. There are plants you can hang above your shower, and there are plants that are good for manifestation and spiritual practices. Having plants also improves the quality of air in your home.

4. Organic Foods

Another way to be in harmony with nature is to eat as organic as possible. This means less packaged and processed foods. Consider purchasing whole foods and more plant-based foods. You can get organic produce from supermarkets, or better yet, patronize your local farmer’s market.

5. Practice Sustainability

Last but certainly not the least, practice sustainability. If you can, don’t support fast fashion and opt for vegan or vegetarian meal options. Other ways to be sustainable include clothes thrifting, using public transportation and not supporting brands that do not have sustainable practices. The best way to be in harmony with nature is to protect and support nature.