We all know that the grieving process is something that is not the same for us all. There are several tools we as people could use to grieve. But animals have a way of doing this job very well. We as people have support and counsel groups that are available to help people understand the several different grief stages and how to manage and cope with them. For people that have pets, these could be great tools for periods when one is grieving and dogs are not the only animals that can give emotional comfort. Other animals too can help you when you need a friend, someone to understand you and help you heal and feel better.

Animals like cats are tuned in emotionally and they are creatures with high levels of sensitivity that can help their human owners manage with grief.

You Need to Get Animals that Will Help your Mental Health

Thinking about myself right now, I need to have a pet animal. It is not that I’m grieving per se but I just need to have my own living thing. Not a human being obviously but like a pet. A living thing I know is mine that can be there for me. Pets like cats and dogs can help you calm the feelings of anxiety, relieve you of your stress, and aid in improving the level of happiness you feel in your life by simply being present and serving as a consistent and positive relationship with you. Different animals have several different perks to the way we can feel happy. There are endorphins present in our brains, dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin which get activated when we are around or close to these lovely animals. For people that are trying to survive, and live in peace through all of this grief, you would need to have these types of pets around.

What Do the Animals Do to Help Us Grieve?

Their presence alone is enough. If only animals could talk to you, you would understand the great love and care they have for you. If only animals could cry, you would see them shed more tears than you ever could. If only animals could tell you to be alright, they would tell you a thousand times. If only they could be there for you at the times you need them the most, they would tell you they would never leave your side. You know the way your pets are excited to see you when you leave them at home and you’re off to work. That’s how they would try their best to be emotionally available at times where you have no choice but to grieve.

The Importance of Getting a Great Pet

You need to get a pet or an animal that you have a strong emotional and spiritual connection with. You need to get a pet that in their presence, it feels like you both have a psychic connection. This way, when you’re grieving, you feel them grieving with you.