Have you ever heard of healing crystals? This might sound a little weird but there are varieties of crystals that can actually be used for healing. Clear quartz is one of the best healing crystals. Its meaning is healing and spiritual growth. We are about to discuss this unique crystal. We will be considering the following:

  • What is Clear quartz?
  • What does Clear quartz do?
  • How to use clear quartz.

What is Clear quartz?

Clear quartz is a transparent white-colored crystal. It is not just known for its clarity, it is also known for its unique natural beauty. It is also referred to as crystal quarts. It is the second most abundant natural mineral that is on the earth. It is a mineral that is made of silicon and oxygen atoms.

It is most abundantly found in the most far-flung areas of the earth. It can be found in Arkansas to Brazil and also at the vanilla cracked shores located in Madagascar.

It is called a healing crystal because it has the ability to store, absorb and regulate the release of energy. It helps remove negativity from the mind and restore it with joy. It assists the mind emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

What does Clear quartz do?

Clear quartz has a whole lot of health benefits. It helps stimulate the immune system, improves metabolism, and even enhances weight loss.

It also helps emotionally and mentally. It gives positive energy. It serves as an emotional aid by going against the energy dragging you down and replacing it with a sense of play. It gives joy and pushes aside all the negativity if you are willing to let it.

It also enhances spiritual growth. It entices you to look deep into it. It also likes to harmonize the crown chakra. It also improves psychic abilities.

Clear quartz is an energy amplifier. They amplify whatever energy you bring regardless of what it is. These are what clear quartz does.

How to use clear quartz.

  • If you are feeling negative, hold a crystal with your non-dominant hand. Then take some deep breaths and ask the crystal to help you to release the negativity by meditating. You can keep it with you or at places you can easily see it often. The more often you do this with meditation, the stronger the healing effects would be.
  • It can also be carried in your purses, pockets, or even tucked under your pillow. It removes the negativity in the body. This would help purify the physical, mental and spiritual plane.
  • It can be worn as a piece of jewelry too or used to decorate your space and appreciate its beauty often
  • It is also effective when used to meditate.


Clear quartz is a uniquely beautiful crystal known for its healing ability. By uses it appropriately, it can help in reducing every negativity from the mind and put the mind in a happier and more cheerful state. We have considered the main things to be known about clear quartz and its ability. Hope you enjoy trying this crystal to see its strong effects.