Games are a large part of human history and culture. They are a fun way to pass the time and have fun. Games can also be educational relaxing. Games in the early and ancient and centuries were outdoors and or mostly small contraptions that were used in holding competitions and passing the time.

Morden games today have had an addition of being played on consoles, phones, and PCs. Video games have become a big part of modern culture with almost everyone in the world having played one video game or another. Not all games and video games are relaxing, some can be really frustrating. The most frustrating ones are the really hard and complicated ones where you constantly fail or are not able to understand a certain level. Although that can make the game more challenging and interesting, it can also get you worked up making the game annoying and frustrating. There are multiple experiences of people who playing games have help relax

 If you are someone who just loved playing games that make you feel relaxed and are fun then this is for you. Here is a list of some games that can help you feel relaxed while having fun.

1. Tetris

Tetris is a simple game where you have to arrange and stack blocks of different shapes in different orders. Simple as it is this game has been confirmed to removes stress and help relax you.

A gamer confirmed this when he said he was having a really bad and stressful day. When he got home he tried a number of ways to calm down but none worked. He continued his day after he brought out his phone to play the game he became so focused that he forgot the reason why he was stressed out in the first place. He noticed this after he stopped playing he had calmed down and was relaxed.

What gives this game its relaxing ability is its simplicity. The fact that anyone even a four-year-old understands the rules of the game and how it works makes it that anyone can play it.

2. Candy crush

Candy crush is a game that is available on Android, iOS, and even Pc. It a game played by over 93 million people daily. It a game about arranging candy in rows of three. You might wonder why do so many people play this game and can really reduce stress?. The answer is yes it can help you relax and reduce stress, the reason so many people play it is because the game mechanics are simple to understand. Something too simple can be great at first but after a while, we just get bored of it. Candy crush eliminates that boredom by making the game a bit harder as you play and as your skill level and experience upgrade. It doesn’t get too hard to quickly to the point where you get frustrated with it, it’s a slowly increasing game making it and relaxing to play.