I’ll be talking about the benefits and techniques of Ear Acupressure for people suffering from anxiety. Where would I begin? I’ll start by explaining what Ear Seeds are.

What are Ear Seeds?

These are tiny seeds that are used in the stimulation of pressure points available in your ears. They refer to a type of auriculotherapy. These refer to acupuncture or acupressure that’s pressured on one’s ear. 

They are based using the same principles of acupuncture. Acupuncture from Chinese Medicine refers to how our health is entirely dependent on how energy flows all across our bodies. 

From Chinese Medicine, this energy flows through pathways that cannot be seen. Known fully as meridians, and can be found in every part of our bodies, including our ears. 

These ear seeds are put on specific points. These points are typically along these meridian lines. They help in cleaning any blockages. These Chinese medicines help in lots of health conditions. 

What’s Anxiety?

Anxiety refers to a state where one is just nervous or worried for either a lot of reasons or no reason at all. Anxiety is linked to several various disorders. It is usually followed by several horrible behaviors, attacks where one would be panicking, and several other sad issues. 

Benefits of Ear Acupressure for people Suffering from Anxiety 

This Ear Acupressure helps people using ear seeds to handle several issues, including;

  1. Weight loss 
  2. Addiction 
  3. Headaches
  4. Migraines
  5. Stress 
  6. Infertility 
  7. Depression
  8. Insomnia 
  9. Sleep issues 
  10. Chronic pains 
  11. Back pain 

Different people make use of Ear seeds without help from others. Other people make use of them in between Acupressure appointments or professional acupuncture. 

How to make use of these Ear Seeds?

It is quite okay to make use of these ear seeds on your own. But for the first time you’ll be using it; you must meet an acupuncturist first. 

You could go through symptoms you enjoy and then address them. These would help you get corresponding points for your ear. These could show you ways you can place the seeds properly. 

Typically, these ear seeds come from the herb Vaccaria. These days ceramic and metallic beads are available. 

Different acupuncturists that perform ear seed placements have their seeds. You could buy your own from the internet, though. That’s if you want to put them by yourself.

My thoughts on Ear Acupressure and Ear Seeds 

Anything that can help you feel free and get rid of depression as fast as possible, please, I beg you, go for it. These ear seeds, there are reviews which state that they work. Do you understand? You could be suffering from anxiety, and you know that when you try this ear Acupressure, your anxiety attacks would be a thing of the past. That would be a great thing to witness. You would feel free and safe from all the worries of your mind without suffering through a long period of pain. Go for Ear Seeds, please.

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