Oh, I’m going to love this one. So today I’ll be talking about Deep Breathing Techniques for Meditation. Before you start these steps, you need to get a place that’s perfectly comfortable for you to do your breathing exercise. This could be at home on your bed or stay on your living room floor or sitting in a very comfortable chair. 

You should make sure you do not force this you should just let it flow. If you force it you would notice you are way more stressed than when you started. 

Try doing this twice or once daily.

Make sure what you’re wearing is properly comfortable. 

Several different breathing exercises take just some minutes. When you create some more time, you could do these for ten minutes or more to gain greater benefits. 

Deep Breathing

A lot of people take very shallow short breaths into their chests. Using this technique, you would learn how to take breaths that are bigger than your beautiful belly. 

You need to get comfortable. I’m teaching you how to properly relax not how to fight someone for crying out loud. 

Lie on your back and then put a pillow under your head or your knees. You could Sit using a chair and your shoulders, neck, and head all supported against the back of the seat.

Start by breathing through your nose. This would let your belly get filled with air. 

Then breathe out through your nose. Placed one of your hands on your belly and then place the other one on your chest. When you breathe in, you can feel your belly rise. The ad you breathe the air out, you would feel your belly reduce in size. The hand you’ve got your belly on would move more than the one your chest is on. You should take three more serious deep breaths. You can fully breathe into your belly as it falls and rises with your breath. 

Breathe in through your nose. Let your belly fill with air.

Your Breath Needs to remain Focused 

As you’re breathing, you should think of a mental photo. This would help you feel relaxed. 

You should close your eyes if you think they are open and then enjoy your very deep breaths. 

Take in the air, breathe in and think of calm and peace. I use flowing water or clear skies. Try to feel this all around your body. 

Breathe out. As you do this, imagine that air flows out with tension, stress, pain, depression, and everything negative. 

Make use of a word or phrase as you breathe. This would help. 

All of these could be done for about ten to twenty minutes.

How I feel about deep Breathing Meditation Techniques 

Well, these are great, to be honest. Like our daily lives are filled with enough things to stress us from the moment we wake up till when we are going to bed. I should try these techniques one of these days.