I’ve been looking forward to writing this piece. Ever since I saw the title “Best Songs About Peace” I couldn’t wait to know about the artists that have sung songs about a people’s world and a peaceful universe. You understand.

Well, Pop music has always had a way of telling us all the things that matter. These are truly worth remembering or having our minds. A lot of us have been hopeful, a lot of us have endured several anthems on protests, some of us have witnessed extremely tensed moments throughout history. Having this in mind, we all have gathered some songs which we feel are the best songs that talk about peace. Let’s go this!

List of Best Songs About Peace

Queen Latifah: ‘U.N.I.T.Y’

This song has Queen Latifah a Grammy. It was one of the performance that was the best. It is all about unity and peace. It talks about all the high rates of harassment ladies have suffered.

Kendrick Lamar, ‘Alright’

This is a song Kendrick Lamar sang in the year 2015. It is equal to the civil rights anthems we have on this list. It has lots of verses that go deep down into racial and social injustice. This song has a very strong book that is greatly related to peace. This is a song that if you want to go for a battle or a war, your inspiration levels would increase for sure.

Kenny Chesney, ‘Get Along’

This is our typical country music from the modern age. This song has highly conservative leanings. Chesney Kenny talks about a message which is somewhat aggressive in this song which was released in the year 2018. The goal of this superstar was to prevent himself from talking about political things. He simply tried to talk about a country that isn’t divided anymore and for us all to get past the things that divide us. These days we need things that would put us together.

Land of Dreams and Hopes by Bruce Springsteen

This song was debuted from the reunion which took place with the E Street Band. It gained a lot of resonance all through the years to come. It is also a rewrite from This Train. There’s also a difference. Bruce Springsteen’s train has enough room for lost souls and gamblers. It promises that the faith of everyone would gain reward. After some nights. If you listen to this song under the moon in the night, trust me you would get a lot of goosebumps. It is a cool song. It is a great song. You’re going to love listening and hearing it.

To tell you the truth right now as I write this piece I’m in an extremely bad mood. I have a lot of family drama going on and I feel really bad with myself and with everything that’s going on. But what I am doing is important. I can handle this; I can do this. These are the ways you’ll feel after listening to these songs of peace.

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