Do you know what Adaptogens are? Well, I didn’t know of their existence till it was time for me to write this piece. So come on, let’s learn about them together. 

It is said that these Adaptogens helps in boosting one’s mental performance when they are working, and it aids in handling stress. 

Let me list out some of the Adaptogenic Herbs to Help You Relax. 


Researchers have studied this herb. The meaning of its name is the smell of a horse. This refers to different smells which the actual herb brings. You end up having the vitality of an active horse after you take this herb. One of the key factors for this herb to end up being an adaptogen is that it must help fight stress damages to your beautiful body. 

Rhodiola rosea

This herb is an effective stimulant, and it helps the body appropriately regulate its stress response. Phytotherapy reports show that R. rosea worked in a hurry, and it lasted for about four to six hours. Other studies from the Nordic Journal of Psychiatry talked about how it helped people who suffered from depression, anxiety, stress and helped reduce inflammation. 

Schisandra Chinensis

This sends a very fast mental performance boost which aids in reducing the level at which your body feels stress from the entire day. This helps people that suffer from depression that’s caused by stress by granting them a higher quality of sleep. It also reduces the rate one gets tired, as suggested from a review gotten by the Swiss medical pharmaceuticals journal.

4. Siberian ginseng / Eleutherococcus senticosus  

This is a choice known by a lot of people that consume adaptogens. It is a plant that’s used in boosting physical and mental performance. It could be used to treat depression symptoms. These symptoms include changes in appetite, headaches, and disturbances from sleep, as known from an article in Pharmaceuticals (Basel).

Holy basil

This is an adaptogen that is also popular. It works on depression or anxiety and stress management. There are small studies that are published in the Nepal Medical College Journal. This shows that people who have depression got better after they made use of holy basil. 


Various studies noticed the fact that these herbs had little to zero side effects. One needs to converse with their medical health care professional before taking these types of supplements. They could stress and interfere with the medications that were prescribed. You could take supplements daily. You could also save them for periods when you expect stressful events like when you need to run a debate, a stressful family member arrives, or if you want to give a presentation at your office. 

My thoughts on Adaptogens 

At this point, I feel I could go for anything that would give me mental/inner peace. If I try taking some of these herbs and work, I’ll start taking them a lot, just like how ginger kicks the ass out of Covid-19.