The summer solstice is here again. It feels like the summer just started, though. The 21st of June marks the day we all know as Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. This is the day that the sun would reach its highest altitude. There would be way more hours of light than on other days of the year. 

There are several lovely things you could do when summer solstice comes. One of them includes properly meditating. 

You can walk around and meditate without wearing any shoes. Forget about your shoes and enjoy your skin on the bare floor. Enjoy the very soft crass, the coolness of dirt under your feet. Make sure you’re aware, and you know how many muscles are active. You should feel your feet moving up and down gently. Using these types of meditation techniques would allow you to remain calm and enjoy all the details of little things around you. This is the time you can enjoy things you usually take for granted. 

Enjoy the air, enjoy the sound of birds around you. Enjoy the feel of the breeze flowing by. These things are quite lovely, you know.

The sound of birds in the morning has a feeling that is entirely different compared to no other. Think about being compassionate about yourself, remaining mindful, and thinking about how others feel on this lovely day. 

You can settle and connect with the element of water. Apart from that being one of the best ways to cool off when the sun is so hot. Just try putting your feet inside some water. No matter the level of stress you’ve been feeling, you would feel happier and more satisfied with yourself after having some physical connection with water. Spending time near the ocean, lakes, rivers, or blue spaces would help you reduce stress, and it would have a positive impact on your mental state and well-being.

My thoughts on Meditation for Summer Solstice 

Blue is my favorite color. On the day of the summer solstice, I’m going to go and have lots of fun with water. In my room, I changed my curtains to blue and red colors. As I stated earlier, blue colors or staying in places with many rivers, seas, oceans, or lakes have more ways to affect your mind and mental state than you can imagine. On summer solstice days, you should not stress yourself about your worries. You should relax, rest, enjoy yourself, be mindful, think about positivity, happiness, how far you’ve come—the people you love, those that love you back. Feel empathy, compassion for yourself, love others, care for them. If you have the chance, take your family out. You all can engage yourselves in mindful exciting, happy conversations. This would increase the rate at which you all would become closer and tighter as a family. You would know the things that give each of you heartaches and find solutions to fix them. Summer solstice should be a fun time for you and me.