The pursuit of inner peace is a very conscious one. In today’s modern world it is almost impossible to simply detach from society to pursue peace in a scenic environment. For most of us, we simply can’t afford it. This doesn’t mean the average person cannot achieve inner peace. Everyone can achieve it by practicing inner peace.

Practicing inner peace is not as complicated as it sounds. In this article, we’ll be sharing some simple and easy ways to practice inner peace in your daily life. Like we mentioned earlier, practicing inner peace is conscious; therefore, all these tips require some effort from you. At the end of day, the destination is quite worth the journey.

1. Spend the first 30 minutes off your phone

You’ve probably heard this tip before, and we hope you’ve applied it to your life. If not, you should start applying it. Spend the first thirty minutes meditating, setting your intention for the day, and manifesting what you want your day to be like. It’s also important to set your intentions without the massive echo of social media. Social media can affect our moods, decisions, and thought patterns. It’s necessary that we plan our day without the influence of social media.

2. Meditation

Meditation doesn’t always have to be a 30 minute completely silent practice. You can sit while meditating, stand, or even meditate while walking to the bus station. Meditation involves listening to your breath and letting your thoughts continuously wash over you. Simply observe your emotions, and then let them go.

3. Focus on what you can control

This is so relevant especially right now during the global pandemic. Fixating on things you have no power to change will only make you miserable. Instead, focus on your happiness, the people you share your energy with, your job, and most importantly yourself. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

4. Mindfulness

Be mindful of the things you say, the things you listen to, and the things you eat. Your body is extremely sensitive to the energy of the world, so be mindful of what surrounds you.

5. Practice gratitude

Gratitude is a great way to cheer yourself up and focus on the good. Consider getting a gratefulness journal or a free app to record what you’re grateful for every single day.

6. Bask in nature

Like plants, humans also need sunlight. Try to spend some time in nature every day. The sunlight and the presence of green will always lift your spirits up.

7. Self-acceptance

Practice self-love every day. Say positive affirmations in the morning. Self-acceptance is the most important step to finding inner peace. If you don’t accept yourself, you will never be at peace with yourself. This is a relevant part of practicing inner peace.

8. Set boundaries

This is an aspect of self-acceptance that is often ignored. You need to set boundaries to protect your mental health and your energy. If someone or something makes you uncomfortable, try to speak up.